Fixed some bugs and improved logs
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib /
2005-11-09 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some bugs and improved logs
2005-11-09 Matt S Trout - Made $c->namespace lvalue in the name of encapsulatio...
2005-11-09 Sebastian Riedel Updated Intro.pod
2005-11-09 Yuval Kogman Dispatcher::get_action no longer takes $c as a useless arg
2005-11-08 Sebastian Riedel Updated built in server to restart on win32
2005-11-07 Sebastian Riedel Fixed error reporting for acl exceptions
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Fixed setup_components to accept Catalyst::Component...
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->controller, $c->model and $c->view shortcuts
2005-11-06 Marcus Ramberg removed extra debug :/
2005-11-06 Marcus Ramberg fix debug flag to handle disabling via ENV
2005-11-04 Sebastian Riedel Switched to Text::SimpleTable
2005-11-03 Andy Grundman 5.49_03 release changes
2005-11-03 Marcus Ramberg revert to previous until I can fix it.
2005-11-03 Marcus Ramberg allow debug to be disabled via Env.
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Applied more xhtml tweaks from LTJake
2005-11-02 Andy Grundman Applied LTJake's patch to make welcome page validate...
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated script generation
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some warnings
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Fixed MyApp->config->{show_internal_actions}
2005-11-01 Yuval Kogman Add dump_these method to Catalyst, which returns the...
2005-11-01 Andy Grundman Added detection of older engine versions
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Refactored get_action into get_action and get_actions
2005-11-01 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->config->{show_internal_actions}
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Fixed pod
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Fixed prereq bug
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Removed JSAN support from core
2005-10-31 Sebastian Riedel Updated script generation
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg prepare for _02...
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg s/hope/hopes
2005-10-25 Sebastian Riedel Added path_to method
2005-10-25 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->error(0) support
2005-10-25 Marcus Ramberg add support for args to uri_for.
2005-10-23 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some typos
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Fixed the args passed to default
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - $c now has $c->action and $c->namespace
2005-10-21 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome
2005-10-21 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome
2005-10-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed pod and added Catalyst::Utils::appprefix
2005-10-20 Sebastian Riedel Updated pod
2005-10-20 Sebastian Riedel Added support for IO::Handle in $c->res->body
2005-10-20 Marcus Ramberg refactored welcome text.
2005-10-20 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome screen
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Fixed css for safari
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Added images, updated helper and added some comments
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated css
2005-10-19 Andy Grundman Minor cleanup to welcome message
2005-10-19 Andy Grundman Updated docs for stash (nothingmuch)
2005-10-19 Marcus Ramberg improved spelling in welcome screen.
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typos
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome again
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated welcome a bit
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated css
2005-10-19 Sebastian Riedel Added first welcome screen mockup
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Improved test server
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Added restart feature to test server
2005-10-12 Andy Grundman Added filename to debug output for uploaded files
2005-10-12 Sebastian Riedel Added uri_for test
2005-10-11 Sebastian Riedel Removed req->handle and res->handle
2005-10-11 Jesse Sheidlower Spelling fixes throughout core modules
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Added prepare_body_chunk method for upload progress...
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Fixed uri_for bug found by drewbie
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Merged 5.49_01 (r1339) from refactored branch to trunk
2005-09-23 Andy Grundman Added temporary workaround for debug memory leak in...
2005-08-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed mkpath in Catalyst::Helper
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg released 5.33
2005-07-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed detach and whitespaces in Path/Regex
2005-07-11 Sebastian Riedel Changed credits section
2005-07-06 Sebastian Riedel Renamed the THANK YOU section to CREDITS
2005-07-05 Sebastian Riedel Fixed $Data::Dumper::Terse
2005-07-04 Marcus Ramberg prepared for 5.30 release.
2005-06-28 Christian Hansen Added comment in Catalyst::Import()
2005-06-28 Marcus Ramberg fix import inheritance bug.
2005-06-23 Sebastian Riedel Added Catalyst::Helper::Controller::Scaffold
2005-06-21 Christian Hansen Moved logic from Catalyst::import() to Catalyst::Setup...
2005-06-21 Christian Hansen Move setup to C::Setup
2005-06-21 Christian Hansen Moved all setup methods to Catalyst::Setup
2005-06-20 Christian Hansen Fixed table debug messages to be more portable
2005-06-17 Christian Hansen Don't override debug flag if set
2005-06-17 Christian Hansen Don't push Catalyst/MyApp at @main::ISA
2005-06-17 Christian Hansen Don't warn if caller is main
2005-06-17 Christian Hansen refactored Catalyst::import()
2005-06-14 Christian Hansen Added Catalyst::Exception
2005-06-13 Sebastian Riedel Fixed Catalyst pod
2005-06-06 Sebastian Riedel Updated to 5.24
2005-06-03 Christian Hansen Removed absolute path handling
2005-06-02 Christian Hansen Fixed, stringyfy MyApp->config->{home}
2005-06-02 Christian Hansen Fixed config->{home} to be absolute
2005-05-27 Christian Hansen added support for non Catalyst::Base components
2005-05-25 Christian Hansen Hostnames are now resolved on demand unless provieded...
2005-05-24 Christian Hansen added MYAPP_HOME and CATALYST_HOME environment variables
2005-05-24 Sebastian Riedel Fixed auto chain, finally
2005-05-17 Christian Hansen Renamed C::E::A::MPXX::APR to ::Apreq
2005-05-16 Christian Hansen Fixed MP2, removed dependency of libapreq in MP engines...
2005-05-07 Sebastian Riedel Fixed installer
2005-05-05 Christian Hansen Minor engine cleanup
2005-04-30 Sebastian Riedel Updated some core stuff, cleanups, better errors...
2005-04-27 Sebastian Riedel Fixed manifest and the uninitialized value warning...
2005-04-25 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper