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2005-11-13 Andy Grundman Updated Manifest, Readme, and META
2005-11-10 Andy Grundman Meta and README for rc4
2005-11-03 Andy Grundman 5.49_03 release changes
2005-11-03 Marcus Ramberg test inheritance of builtin actions in mainapp.
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Merged 5.49_01 (r1339) from refactored branch to trunk
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg released 5.33
2005-07-04 Marcus Ramberg prepared for 5.30 release.
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2005-04-15 Sebastian Riedel Added notice about limitations to Catalyst
2005-04-15 Sebastian Riedel Updated README
2005-03-12 Sebastian Riedel new release
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2005-03-05 Sebastian Riedel lalala
2005-03-02 Sebastian Riedel Many bugfixes,better docs
2005-02-28 Marcus Ramberg initial import of catalyst.