stop using Moo as a test package
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / Makefile.PL
2017-09-26 Graham Knop use inlined module hiding in tests
2017-03-28 Karen Etheridge add comment for web UI to git repo
2017-03-28 Karen Etheridge do not require MXRWO if Moose is new enough to have...
2015-11-12 Matt S Trout bump autoclean dep
2015-02-23 John Napiorkowski when a POST supplies content encoding, dont assume...
2015-02-17 John Napiorkowski remove test case for now
2015-01-20 John Napiorkowski update requirements
2014-12-02 John Napiorkowski fixed typo 5.90079_002
2014-12-02 John Napiorkowski fix typo
2014-12-02 John Napiorkowski add these deps so that people can use th ws and wss...
2014-12-02 John Napiorkowski start making people use new URI since we have a patch...
2014-10-01 valy23 Added minimum requested version of Carp to
2014-07-18 John Napiorkowski removed CE::PSGI from author deps testing
2014-01-28 John Napiorkowski newer version of middleware
2014-01-28 John Napiorkowski specify newer versions of some middleware
2014-01-27 Upasana Added Plack::Middleware::RemoveRedundantBody to depende...
2014-01-23 John Napiorkowski more middleware, more listed deprecations
2014-01-21 John Napiorkowski new middleware
2013-12-19 John Napiorkowski remove regexp for good 5.90059_001
2013-10-23 John Napiorkowski spelling fixes and more docs
2013-10-18 John Napiorkowski first pass at making Catalyst act enough like PSGI...
2013-09-20 John Napiorkowski merged conflicts
2013-09-13 Karen Etheridge it is no longer required to depend on Class::MOP separa...
2013-09-06 Karen Etheridge spelling
2013-08-21 Karen Etheridge convert all uses of Test::Exception to Test::Fatal
2013-08-20 John Napiorkowski added test case for parsing JSON and updated changlog
2013-08-20 John Napiorkowski first pass at data handlers
2013-08-16 Karen Etheridge depend on workaround for issue during global destructio...
2013-08-15 John Napiorkowski fixed author side test becase Test::TCP changed its...
2013-08-15 Karen Etheridge list the authordeps in a cpanfile for easier installation
2013-08-13 Karen Etheridge instead of using MI, compose a role which brings in...
2013-07-26 John Napiorkowski updated version of module-pluggable since this is no...
2013-07-23 John Napiorkowski fixed author side test becase Test::TCP changed its...
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski make sure we do not require unfount dependencies
2013-06-14 Wallace Reis Fix dependecy loop
2013-06-12 John Napiorkowski fix broken tests
2013-06-12 John Napiorkowski merged after conflict resolution
2013-05-24 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix waiting for the server to start in t/author/http...
2013-05-06 Karen Etheridge include the r/w repo spec for contributors
2013-05-04 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin: import and merge the dependencies
2013-04-22 Tomas Doran Fix RT#84787
2013-04-12 John Napiorkowski prepped changelog
2013-04-03 Tomas Doran Fix metadata
2013-04-01 Mark Grimes Adds Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex to the prereqs
2013-01-05 Karen Etheridge work with MooseX::Getopt 0.48 by using the new public...
2012-11-12 Tomas Doran Remove MX::Types
2012-08-16 John Napiorkowski Mac OSX Mountain Lion is like previous version in regar...
2012-08-14 Matt S Trout Fix model/view/controller methods to handle stringifiab...
2012-07-18 Tomas Doran Fix RT#78377 - IIS7 sucks in different ways to IIS6
2012-05-26 Tomas Doran Make Makefile.PL less irritating.
2012-05-05 Tomas Doran Remove dep on B::H::EOS, for RT#76437
2012-04-18 Matt S Trout bump namespace::clean dep
2012-04-16 Tomas Doran Fix META.yml author, add x_authority
2012-02-16 Tomas Doran Require B::Hooks::EndOfScope 0.10
2012-02-12 Peter Rabbitson Catalyst is tested and works just fine with 5.8.3....
2011-10-25 Tomas Doran Bump Class::Load dep
2011-10-21 Alexander Hartmaier added spelling author test
2011-10-21 Tomas Doran Get Class::Load to do this for us
2011-10-21 Tomas Doran Merge spelling test
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Put old version of TWMC in conflicts, update TODO
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Note conflicts
2011-07-29 Alexander Hartmaier added spelling author test
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski Lion is like Snow Leopard when it comes to tar issues
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski Lion is like Snow Leopard when it comes to tar issues
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Require these in author mode
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Somewhat fix up the server script test
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Clean handling of --pid and --background up a bit
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Make test skip if Engine::PSGI not installed
2011-07-22 John Napiorkowski new test to make sure people using legacy psgi engine...
2011-07-22 John Napiorkowski added missing dep
2011-06-01 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-05-16 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Add missing Catalyst::Devel author dep
2011-03-27 Florian Ragwitz Use Plack::Test::ExternalServer in Catalyst::Test remot...
2011-03-26 Florian Ragwitz The IIS 6 script name fix is now part of Plack
2011-03-09 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-03-08 Florian Ragwitz Avoid super long command lines when not aggregating
2011-03-03 Florian Ragwitz Deprecate local_request and remote_request
2011-03-01 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-02-28 Tomas Doran Change repos metadata to git
2011-01-24 Tomas Doran Don't be dumb, auth breaks on new cat, not other way...
2011-01-24 Tomas Doran Small docs and fixes
2011-01-24 Tomas Doran Bump dep
2011-01-23 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2010-12-25 Tomas Doran Add conflict
2010-12-04 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2010-12-04 Florian Ragwitz Aggregate http-server.t tests
2010-12-03 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2010-10-22 Naveen Manivannan update MooseX module version due to deprecated warning
2010-08-26 Tomas Doran Merge 'trunk' into 'Catalyst-Test-base-href'
2010-08-23 Brian Cassidy Fix two warnings:
2010-08-22 Darren Duncan C-R-5-8 : Makefile.PL : remove bogus comment
2010-08-03 Ronald J Kimball Make Catalyst::Test::local_request() set response base...
2010-07-08 John Napiorkowski fixed running unnder http server test failure and added...
2010-05-24 Tomas Doran Put some of the mod_perl code back. This is pretty...
2010-05-24 Tomas Doran Fix up required Plack version to ensure we have a recen...
2010-05-24 Tomas Doran Merge trunk into here, fix tests to pass again with...
2010-05-22 Tomas Doran Changelog, bump Moose dep
2010-05-20 Tomas Doran Changelog and dep bump for more_metaclass_compat branch...
2010-05-07 Florian Ragwitz Pass along options to load_class for plugins.
2010-05-02 Florian Ragwitz Allow parameterized roles to be applied as plugins.