Oops, added extra.conf.in to manifest
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / MANIFEST
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Oops, added extra.conf.in to manifest
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Updated manifest
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Merged 5.49_01 (r1339) from refactored branch to trunk
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg released 5.33
2005-06-22 Christian Hansen Updated Helper.pm MANIFEST and Changes
2005-06-14 Christian Hansen Added Catalyst::Exception
2005-05-18 Christian Hansen updated MANIFIEST
2005-05-16 Christian Hansen Updated Changes and MANIFEST
2005-04-27 Sebastian Riedel Fixed manifest and the uninitialized value warning...
2005-04-22 Marcus Ramberg added: passthrough makefile.pl compat for Catalyst...
2005-04-20 Sebastian Riedel Added Build.PL to MANIFEST
2005-04-20 Sebastian Riedel Updated MANIFEST
2005-04-20 Sebastian Riedel Big change, new installer and home detection
2005-04-18 Andrew Ford updated MANIFEST to add Catalyst::Manual::Plugins doc
2005-04-18 Christian Hansen Added C::Utils and C::E::A::MP2 to MANIFEST. Reorderd...
2005-04-16 Christian Hansen Fixed MP19 uploads. Added request/response body. Added...
2005-04-15 Sebastian Riedel Updated manifest
2005-04-14 Sebastian Riedel now really die
2005-04-14 Marcus Ramberg updated MANIFEST to reflect renamed tests
2005-04-11 Christian Hansen update Cookbook
2005-04-11 Sebastian Riedel i just enabled tests in Makefile.PL, i did not break...
2005-04-09 Marcus Ramberg ok ok server gone too now.
2005-04-09 Marcus Ramberg updated manifest.
2005-03-23 Christian Hansen added C::E::CGI::NPH
2005-03-23 Christian Hansen updated MANIFEST
2005-03-21 Sebastian Riedel added Catalyst::Engine::Server
2005-03-20 Sebastian Riedel improved Catalyst::Test::request
2005-03-20 Sebastian Riedel added connection stuff
2005-03-16 Marcus Ramberg fixed pod coverage