Handle $c->error called as a class method.
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / Changes
2006-04-18 Marcus Ramberg Handle $c->error called as a class method.
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman changelog the refactoring
2006-04-05 Matt S Trout warning fix from fireartist
2006-04-05 Sebastian Riedel Added app name with :: support for PAR
2006-04-01 Matt S Trout Added models/views/controllers methods
2006-03-30 Marcus Ramberg changed to nick
2006-03-30 Marcus Ramberg applied patch to allow a tmpdir setting.
2006-03-24 Andy Grundman Static::Simple 0.14 to core, also merged jester's doc...
2006-03-23 Yuval Kogman changelog the clear_error feature
2006-03-15 Marcus Ramberg lots of new docs,
2006-03-10 Marcus Ramberg prepared for release.
2006-03-03 Sebastian Riedel Added Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst support
2006-03-02 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned generated tests
2006-03-02 Marcus Ramberg change to use a 301 for redirects.
2006-03-01 Brian Cassidy added ConfigLoader upgrade to Changes
2006-02-26 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper for Root class
2006-02-21 Marcus Ramberg prepared for release of 5.65
2006-02-20 Marcus Ramberg updated tutorial.
2006-02-15 Marcus Ramberg support hashref for params in uri_for
2006-02-07 Marcus Ramberg updated release time.
2006-02-07 Marcus Ramberg prepared to release 5.64
2006-02-05 Andy Grundman Fixed bug in FastCGI proc manager mode where pm_post_di...
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned up generated tests
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel Added ConfigLoader support, LTjake needs to inline...
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel YAML support is back, yay!
2006-01-30 Jesse Sheidlower Created Manual::About (INCOMPLETE, just a stub now)
2006-01-29 Matt S Trout - Fixed http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/ticket/62
2006-01-26 Sebastian Riedel Removed YAML support
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Switched from JSON to YAML::Syck
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Switched from YAML to JSON for now
2006-01-21 Sebastian Riedel Updated prereq versions
2006-01-17 Andy Grundman Added tutorial update to Changes
2006-01-17 Andy Grundman Prep for 5.62 release
2006-01-17 Andy Grundman Back to 6.00 at sri's request
2006-01-13 Andy Grundman Set version back to 5.62 :)
2006-01-13 Sebastian Riedel Updated version to 6.00 :)
2006-01-07 Sebastian Riedel Added YAML config support
2006-01-06 Sebastian Riedel Added COMPONENT() and ACCEPT_CONTEXT() support
2005-12-30 Andy Grundman Action list in debug mode is now displayed as a tree...
2005-12-16 Andy Grundman Fixed engine detection to allow custom mod_perl engines
2005-12-15 Andy Grundman Changes cleanup, catched -> caught
2005-12-15 Andy Grundman Static::Simple 0.13 copy to core
2005-12-14 Andy Grundman Display version numbers of loaded plugins (Curtis Poe)
2005-12-13 Sebastian Riedel Updated for Module::Install 0.44
2005-12-10 Sebastian Riedel Added class and method for catched exceptions messages
2005-12-09 Andy Grundman FastCGI doc updates
2005-12-08 Sebastian Riedel Updated PAR support to use "make catalyst_par", package...
2005-12-07 Andy Grundman Automatically determine Content-Length when serving...
2005-12-07 Marcus Ramberg bugfix for $c->model and friends.
2005-12-07 Sebastian Riedel Switched to 500 status for exceptions
2005-12-07 Sebastian Riedel Updated for Module::Install 0.40 (autrijus still needs...
2005-12-05 Sebastian Riedel Fixed additional file installation for multi level...
2005-12-05 Andy Grundman Fixed FastCGI win32 support
2005-12-05 Andy Grundman Re-added REDIRECT_URL support with tests
2005-12-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated makefile
2005-12-02 Andy Grundman 5.60 release
2005-12-02 Sebastian Riedel Updated changes
2005-12-02 Sebastian Riedel Fixed Path and index actions in the appclass
2005-12-02 Andy Grundman Added -d fix to Changes
2005-12-01 Andy Grundman Added a warning if you attempt to retrieve a param...
2005-11-30 Andy Grundman Fixed restarter by backing out Class::C3 fix
2005-11-30 Andy Grundman Backed out REDIRECT_URL support until we can get a...
2005-11-30 Sebastian Riedel Fixed catalyst_par_core() and catalyst_par_multiarch()
2005-11-29 Sebastian Riedel Removed scrollbar from debug screen
2005-11-29 Marcus Ramberg applied patch from autrijus to fix warnings in generate...
2005-11-27 Sebastian Riedel Fixed shebang line for generated scripts
2005-11-27 Sebastian Riedel Added REDIRECT_URL support
2005-11-26 Sebastian Riedel Fixed forward to classes
2005-11-24 Marcus Ramberg prepared for 5.58
2005-11-24 Sebastian Riedel Added ExtUtils::AutoInstall support
2005-11-23 Andy Grundman Added -makefile to catalyst.pl to generate a new Makefi...
2005-11-23 Andy Grundman Restored Catalyst::Build with a deprecation notice
2005-11-23 Andy Grundman Merged latest Static::Simple into core
2005-11-23 Sebastian Riedel Improved PAR support
2005-11-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed prereqs
2005-11-21 Sebastian Riedel Replaced -short with auto-detection
2005-11-21 Andy Grundman Updated Changes for 5.57 release
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated uri_for to accept undef actions
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Updated changes
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Reformatted documentation
2005-11-18 Sebastian Riedel Renamed -nonew to -force
2005-11-17 Andy Grundman Applied FastCGI daemon patch from mugwump
2005-11-17 Andy Grundman Added esskar's keep-alive patch
2005-11-17 Sebastian Riedel Added PAR support
2005-11-16 Marcus Ramberg prepared for 5.56
2005-11-15 Andy Grundman Added pidfile option to FastCGI server
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Updated Catalyst::Test to use HTTP::Request::AsCGI
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Fixed dispatcher, so $c->req->action(undef) works again
2005-11-15 Andy Grundman Fixed FastCGI engine to not clobber the global %ENV...
2005-11-15 Sebastian Riedel Fixed multiple header bug
2005-11-14 David Kamholz - fix a couple typos
2005-11-14 Sebastian Riedel Released 5.54
2005-11-14 Andy Grundman Released 5.53
2005-11-14 Marcus Ramberg updated to 0.10
2005-11-14 Andy Grundman Fixed formatting of Changes
2005-11-14 Sebastian Riedel Changed uri_for behavior, updated for 5.51
2005-11-12 Marcus Ramberg added support for Model/View/Controller namespace relative
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Response.pm doc update
2005-11-12 Sebastian Riedel Updated pod