fixed the remaining spelling errors + improved some wording in the process
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / t / author / spelling.t
c0a8a4b8 1use strict;
2use warnings;
3use Test::More;
4use Test::Spelling;
8ad6fd58 7 undef env regex unary rethrow rethrows stringifies CPAN STDERR SIGCHLD baz
59e2fe94 8 roadmap wishlist refactor refactored Runtime pluggable pluggability hoc apis
8ad6fd58 9 fastcgi nginx Lighttpd IIS middlewares backend IRC
59e2fe94 10 ctx _application MyApp restarter httponly Utils stash's unescapes
c0a8a4b8 11 dispatchtype dispatchtypes redispatch redispatching
12 CaptureArgs ChainedParent PathPart PathPrefix
8ad6fd58 13 BUILDARGS metaclass namespaces
14 filename tempname request's subdirectory ini uninstalled uppercased
15 wiki bitmask uri url urls dir hostname proxied http https IP SSL
c0a8a4b8 16));
9977ef94 17set_spell_cmd('aspell list -l en');
c0a8a4b8 18all_pod_files_spelling_ok();