why not just add to the maddness if its already there?
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / TODO
77d892df 1# Known Bugs:
cdb34619 2
3 - Bug ->go or ->visit causes actions which have Args or CaptureArgs called
4 twice when called via ->go or ->visit.
6 Test app: http://github.com/bobtfish/catalyst-app-bug-go_chain/tree/master
77d892df 8# Compatibility warnings to add:
10 - $self->config should warn as config should only ever be called as a
5d94e8f9 11 class method (TESTS).
77d892df 12
13# Proposed functionality / feature additions:
15## Log setup needs to be less lame
17So Catalyst::Plugin::Log::* can die
18in a fire. Having $c->log_class would be a good start. kane volunteered
19to do some of this.
21Simple example: Catalyst::Plugin::Log::Colorful should just be a
22subclass of Catalyst::Log, no ::Plugin:: needed.
24See also: Catalyst::Plugin::Log::Dispatch and
5f99445c 27## throw away the restarter and allow using the restarters Plack provides
5f99445c 29## be smarter about how we use PSGI - not every response needs to be delayed
30 and streaming
32# The horrible hack for plugin setup - replacing it:
34 * Have a look at the Devel::REPL BEFORE_PLUGIN stuff
35 I wonder if what we need is that combined with plugins-as-roles
5f99445c 37# App / ctx split:
77d892df 38
39 NOTE - these are notes that t0m thought up after doing back compat for
5d94e8f9 40 catalyst_component_class, may be inaccurate, wrong or missing things
77d892df 41 bug mst (at least) to correct before trying more than the first 2
42 steps. Please knock yourself out on the first two however :)
44 - Eliminate actions in MyApp from the main test suite
45 - Uncomment warning in C::C::register_action_methods, add tests it works
46 by mocking out the logging..
47 - Remove MyApp @ISA controller (ask metaclass if it has attributes, and if
48 so you need back compat :/)
49 - Make Catalyst::Context, move the per request stuff in there, handles from
50 main app class to delegate
51 - Make an instance of the app class which is a global variable
52 - Make new instance of the context class, not the app class per-request
53 - Remove the components as class data, move to instance data on the app
54 class (you probably have to do this for _all_ the class data, good luck!)
55 - Make it possible for users to spin up different instances of the app class
56 (with different config etc each)
57 - Profit! (Things like changing the complete app config per vhost, i.e.
58 writing a config loader / app class role which dispatches per vhost to
59 differently configured apps is piss easy)