Fix DBIC::Schema helper invocation examples (RT#100597)
[catagits/Catalyst-Manual.git] / lib / Catalyst / Manual / Tutorial / 10_Appendices.pod
2014-12-13 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix DBIC::Schema helper invocation examples (RT#100597)
2014-07-26 Karen Etheridge fix typos in example commands (RT#89475)
2011-09-02 hkclark Fix RT link, remove wrong link and fix date
2011-08-30 hkclark Put back in leading spaces to keep code blocks contiguous
2011-08-29 hkclark Go from L<Module::Name|Module::Name> to L<Module::Name>
2011-08-29 hkclark Switch from Debian 5 to Debian 6
2011-08-02 Tomas Doran Everything else (including some of the mysql docs)...
2011-04-29 Florian Ragwitz Port the auth tutorial to PassphraseColumn
2011-02-16 Shlomi Fish RT #64126: precise name of licence
2011-02-16 Zsolt Zemancsik RT #61486: correct MySQL
2010-05-29 Kennedy Clark Update year on copyright
2009-12-29 Jonathan Yu revert my changes, L<|...> is okay according to rafl
2009-12-29 Jonathan Yu fix more uses of L<..|blah> (causes Test::Pod failures)
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Out of data? I think out of date is meant here.
2009-11-16 Jason Felds Add links to the databases. Let the users see what...
2009-06-06 Kennedy Clark Fix typos in appendix emacs note and misplaced quote...
2009-05-26 Kennedy Clark Update for 5.80
2009-05-24 Kennedy Clark Add numbers back to names of chapters